An Overview

Given the fact that that creed aventus is one of the very successful perfumes of this century, a lot of new perfume companies instead of making their unique scents try to duplicate. As the demand for Creed Aventus rises, many companies claim to provide Creed Aventus Copy in relatively much cheaper rates. They are living their business life much like parasites by getting profit by the ever-growing popularity of the original Aventus Creed. In technical terms, we also call such perfumes as clones. They claim to be exactly the same. Such companies produce a fake scent somewhat similar to the real Creed Aventus but it has many drawbacks that lead to wastage of money.  

Drawbacks To Copy

The house of Creeds has been quite successful in keeping the production of Aventus a big secret. The Creed Aventus Copy makers do not have a clear path to follow. Their only clue is the original one’s scent which is an output. So, the copiers work by hit and trial method to make something that somewhat looks like a real, but in actual Creed Aventus Copy is far from reality when someone uses or assess it closely. The long-lasting effect is compromised in the Fake Creed Aventus. And it has been unsuccessfully attempted to copy the bottle as well. But the fake Creed Aventus does not get any benefit from the bottle attempt too. Not only the House of Creeds made sure that the scent was in safe souls they also made the legendary creed aventus Bottles impossible to copy or fake. The best way to check any perfume for its originality is to go and visit a shop. Feel the perfume yourself i.e. How the cap opens and closes does it have a click or not, how it sprays, the material of the bottle and packaging, check the font too it is usually crooked in fake aventus perfumes. There is also a bar code and printing below the bottle. 

Figuring Out The Real Creed Aventus

Due to such circumstances, it has become a necessity rather than a custom to provide with some significant features that can distinguish a real Aventus by creed from its duplicates clean as a whistle. The House of Creeds made sure to put following features that help a common man separate the original Aventus Creed from its cheap fake replicas. The process is simple and does not take a minute or so. 

A real Creed aventus can be recognized as 

  • It would have a white colored ring if you remove the cap and the trigger of bottle 
  • The whole packaging box is black so it must not have any white rough edges.  
  • The box must not have a transparent polythene cover round it 
  • Also, any sleeve attached to the box also leads to fake perfume.  
  • A batch sticker is present on the bottom of the box it must be a sticker not a print in real perfume.  
  • The spray pipe is attached with a small metal ball and a spring in real perfume.  
  • Real creed has a nice big adjustable fragrance throw but a fake will just throw little.  
  • The real creed aventus also has a literature paper folded in accordion style on top of the bottle, not on a side or bottom.